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Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a gentle exercise style that is easy to learn, effective and safe when practiced from home. It improves flexibility and muscle strength, increases heart/lung activity, balances homeostasis, aligns posture, improves balance, and clears the mind.


The class includes warm up and cool down exercises as well as a progressive form that evolves over a 6 week period. Every week adds a new form into a flowing group of movements to complete the group of six which will enhance everyday quality of life.


Afterwards the body feels relaxed and the mind is calm. It can be undertaken both seated or standing.

Kate Duncan

Class Leader – Kate Duncan

Based on the Sun Style of Tai Chi, Kate works closely with clients who have Parkinson’s, ME & MS and she sees real evidence of relief of symptoms such as tremors, imbalance and joint pain.

 “As anxiety makes my Parkinson’s symptoms worse, by incorporating some of Kate’s Tai Chi principles into everyday life, I can reduce these.


If I have trouble sleeping, using the breathing techniques also really helps.”

Clare E